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So I discovered something amazing a couple days ago! I found out that Pinterest does have a… well basically it means that I can use photos from it! The whole reason I stopped doing This Week’s Cat and Quips and… Continue Reading →

Games I love (Electronic)

Subnautica Stardew Valley Minecraft Slime Rancher Terraria Gods of Olympus Dungeon Boss March of Heroes I also like many more but I didn’t want to bore you guys with what I like…

Pink Shirt Day

My school is doing pink shirt day today! Pink Shirt Day is focused on anti-bullying messages and standing up for yourself. It’s pretty cool, and here’s a link to their website:

The Typewriter

Soo….. last Thursday the 16th I bought a typewriter! It’s an Olivetti (That’s the brand) Dora (that’s the type). It is a authentic old-fashioned actual typewriter!! I am really so much in love with it! There’s really not a lot… Continue Reading →

2 Truths 1 Lie… The game!

Hi everyone, 1st day of term 2! Today my teacher (Ms Holly) introduced us to a game called 2 truths 1 lie, where you think of 2 things that are true, and one that is a lie. There are two… Continue Reading →

Mum’s Post

Okay, before I get to the post, this post was written by my mum, so yeah! Hi everyone, it’s James’ mum here.  I am very excited to be writing a guest post on James’ blog!  The first thing I want… Continue Reading →


OK, so I had small cats of the world pt. 2 all up and ready to go, and I managed to delete it!!!!! SOO MAD. P.S I Know this post really has no point………….. but anyway I’m to mad to… Continue Reading →

Rabbit Wars………

Sooo….. On Friday, in the early evening, I saw my rabbits fighting! Naturally, I raced towards them, for they live outside in a pen, and attempted, father in tow, to separate them, calm them down and work out a plan…. Continue Reading →


well, I am really sorry to say, but I am discontinuing my current sets of posts, Quips & Quotes and This Week’s Cat. This is because it is becoming to hard to find a meme/quote thst was made by a… Continue Reading →


Well we all know about the atomic bomb… But have you ever considered what would happen if someone used one? Think about it…….. Utter chaos. War is a killer….. Not only is there now better and more dangerous guns and… Continue Reading →

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